Slytherins are Misunderstood (Clean Edit) (Single)

by Misbehavin' Maidens



Set to the traditional tune, "Jogging," this filk song tells you why Slytherins deserve a chance to be your friend.
This is the censored version (one bleeped word). The uncensored version is on our album "Swearing is Caring," which will be released July 10, 2019.


Slytherins are evil
That's what other houses say!
But as a Slytherin
I aim to change your view today
Slytherins aren't terrible
We're just misunderstood
Just because we're little power-obsessed
Doesn't mean we can't be good

Oh Slytherin, oh Slytherin
They all think you’re bad
But a Slytherin will be the
Bestest friend you've ever had!

Slytherins can be so kind
They take care of their friends
They'll find for you a meal
Cuz you "forgot your lunch again"!
They really are the sweetest
It just doesn't always show
But don't ask them where they got that sandwich
You don't want to know!


Slytherins watch out for you
They'll make sure you're ok!
They'll tell your ex to [bleep] right off
And make them go away!
They'll respect your choices
When you want to win or quit
And most of the time will manipulate you
only a little bit!


A Slytherin will open up
If they think you’ll listen
You know they care about you
If they don’t just hold it in
Expressing their emotions
Is not their strongest trait
Unless, of course, you count the feelings
Sad, mad, fear, and hate.


I hope I've helped you all to see
That Slytherins are fine!
You don't have to reject us
You just have to have a spine!
Your Slytherin can be bad at knowing
Where some boundaries lay
That's why we all need our Hufflepuffs
To keep us all at bay!

Chorus X2


released June 25, 2019
Lyrics: Caroline Boulden


all rights reserved



Misbehavin' Maidens Silver Spring, Maryland

Nerd folk comedy band comprised of four women from the Washington, DC / Baltimore area with a love of sex-positive music, parodies, drinking & fandom references for 18+ geeks. 3rd album, "Swearing is Caring," now available!


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